Organic Mulch FAQs in Guilford, Vermont

The local, organic mulch produced by D&E Tree Company in Guilford, Vermont, is available in a variety of colors and textures, including our double ground Manna Mulch, which is a special composted blend. Our mulch products are available for pick up at our facility, or you can arrange to have us deliver bulk orders to you.

Mulch FAQ

Q. Where does the raw material for your mulch come from?
A. Our mulch is made from local trees, making our mulch a truly recycled, local product.
Q. Is color-enhanced mulch safe to use on my property?
Q. What are the benefits of using mulch?
Q. What is D&E Manna Mulch?
Q. How long does D&E's mulch color last?
Q. How many square feet does 1 cubic yard of mulch cover?
Q. How can I get the longest life from my colored mulch?
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Brown Mulch_Guilford VT_D E Tree Company
Contact our tree service company in Guilford, Vermont, at (802) 257-5669 to request an estimate for Manna Mulch.