Tree Removal & Mulch in Guilford, Vermont

Call on D&E Tree Company in Guilford, Vermont, for tree removal services and organic mulch. Our tree service has a reputation for safety, quality service, and for our uniquely blended Manna Mulch.

Tree Removal

Our specialty is safely and effectively removing trees from difficult to reach spots. Using our skills, experienced personnel, and a variety of specialty equipment, we're able to get the job done successfully. Out team of experienced tree experts has over 100 years of experience.

When a tree is very close to your home, 1 of our cranes will reach over any obstacles and, when the tree is cut into manageable sections, safely lifts them away for drop off near our wood chipper. Once the job is complete, we make sure that the job site is thoroughly cleaned up before we leave.
Man on top of the tree - D & E Tree Company in Guilford, VT
Heavy equipment cutting tree - D & E Tree Company in Guilford, VT

Mulch Grinder

Product from the chipper is loaded into the mulch grinder, which generates mountains of double-ground premium mulch every year, so Tri-state consumers are able to purchase locally produced, organic mulch. We offer a variety of colors and types to meet your needs, including our famous Manna mix. Mulch can be picked up or delivered to you.

Organic Mulch

At D&E Tree Company, we're passionate about organic mulch. Our desire to operate a sustainable, eco-friendly business led us to a substantial investment in the production of organic mulch. The raw material is run through a large double ground processor that gives our mulch a look and a consistency that cannot be duplicated.

We produce attractive mulches in a variety of colors without chemical dyes; organic minerals are added during the mulching process for exact coloring. Our dyes are not harmful to your plants and soil because the color is created from all natural materials.

The mulch is stored in huge piles, where it begins to break down through a natural organic process. Several months pass before the mulch is used, making it perfect for enriching your soil. Visit our Route 5 facility, where you will see a variety of mulches ready to pick up or delivery.
Contact us at (802) 257-5669 to request an estimate, or to learn more about our tree removal services.